Terms of Service published on June 16th 2018

This is the second version of the Terms of Service.

The editorial staff of this social network might periodically update the Terms of Service, for example as a result of legislative or regulatory changes or new features or services offered through this social network. Therefore, you should periodically check the Terms of Service to be aware of any changes. In case of rejection of the current Terms of Service, updated with respect to the version ruling at the time of your registration, you must discontinue use of this social network. In case you continue to use the services offered by this social network following the publication of the updated Terms of Service, such use will constitute implicit acceptance of the updated Terms of Service. Here's the change with respect the first edition placed in the section 1: "Being the MEDITERRANEO's editorial staff an active part of the communication through this Social Network, it reserves periodically the right to provide some contents aiming just to draw the users' attention to specific topics that in the geographic area are becoming more and more pressing. While still recognizing to each registered entity the autonomy in providing apt content, the MEDITERRANEO's editorial staff will contribute to the broader coverage of the contextually related topics stimulating their development through the contents the entities would later want to provide."